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ARID uses three methods of product fulfillment: On Hand Inventory, Pre-Order, and Purchase Ordering.

On Hand Inventory- These orders are the fastest, and will ship from our office within 2-3 Business days of placing the order. These have no label on the listing, but will simply state "In stock" during the product selection before adding to cart.


Pre Order - Labeled in the Store as a "Pre-Order", these orders are a claim based, 'first come, first serve' type order where the customer pays for items in production. If there were 100 parts being made, the first 100 Pre-Orders would claim every item, and the window to order closes. The timeline for Pre-Order fulfillment is purely a function of the production process, and will be published in the product description as an estimated time of arrival.

Purchase Order - Labeled in the Store as a "Purchase Order" , these orders take 3-4 weeks to fulfill due to the process of commissioning our partnered shops for production runs. It simply takes time to produce specific quantities and color coat our parts before we can receive, QC, assemble, pack and ship them to you. Unlike a Pre-Order, Purchase Orders have no production limit, and parts are made specifically to the customers specifications.

Purchase Orders can be made during Ordering Windows, which typically open for the first two weeks of every month.

Once received by ARID, all Purchase Orders will be shipped using USPS Priority Mail, Tracked and Insured. If you have any questions please email us at


All returns must be completed within 60 days ​of orders shipping for a refund, and products must be unused and able to be resold to obtain a full refund in this period. Refunds will be issued after the product is returned and inspected. If it is found to be damaged or modified in a way that prevents resale, and can be reasonably attributed to end user action, then the part will be returned with no refund issued.

Contact for instructions to complete returns.
Returns initiated after the first 60 days will not be refunded, although they still qualify for replacement under our lifetime warranty.

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