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Steyr AUG Low Profile Brass Deflector (Standard Pattern)-PURCHASE ORDER

Steyr AUG Low Profile Brass Deflector (Standard Pattern)-PURCHASE ORDER


This Product is being sold under a 'PURCHASE ORDER'

process, where the customer commissions ARID to have this product made from scratch after payment. All orders are submitted at the beginning of each week to the Machine Shop, thereafter a 5-6 week lead time begins before fullfilment to the customer. There is no limit to the quantity of parts ordered per customer.The Purchase Order Window for this product will begin May 1 and go until May 31 2024

More information on this process can be found here:, or by contacting us.This Steyr AUG Low Profile Brass Deflector (Standard Pattern) is an American-made, low profile aluminum case deflector that is designed to fit the S

tandard Steyr AUG stock

. It is the smallest profile case deflector on the market. This case deflector is machined from 6061 aluminum and hard-coat anodized for superior durability and improved life expectancy. This deflector is a great addition to your Steyr AUG rifle, providing superior performance and protection. It is the perfect solution for those looking for a simple yet effective way to protect their face from brass and gas.


- The Deflector is attached to the stock using a small clamping nut and provided hardware

- The mount does not require drilling of the stock to install

- This deflector is designed to work with both Left and Right ejection ports, through symmetrical geometry. One part, for both right and wrong handed users


Included Hardware:

1x Steyr AUG Brass Deflector Body

1x Steyr AUG Brass Deflector Clamp

1x 8-32 Low Profile Clamping Screw- 3/8" Long

1x 5/64" Hex Key



This product will only work on standard AUG stocks which take the original 'waffle pattern' magazines. NATO/AR-15 Magazine pattern stocks will not accept this design!

Sales Tax Included
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