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Steyr AUG Improved Trigger and Safety Combo - PURCHASE ORDER

Steyr AUG Improved Trigger and Safety Combo - PURCHASE ORDER

This Product is being sold under a 'PURCHASE ORDER' process, where the customer commissions ARID to have this product made from scratch after payment. All orders are submitted at the beginning of each week to the Machine Shop, thereafter a 5-6 week lead time

begins before fullfilment to the customer. There is no limit to the quantity of parts ordered per customer. The Purchase Order Window for this product will begin May 1 and go until May 31 2024. More information on this process can be found here:, or by contacting us.Designed in house, this trigger module replaces the OEM Steyr AUG trigger, improving upon the original component functions. It is designed to function with Standard AND NATO pattern stocks, and may require hand fitting to optimize. See note at the bottom of this page ***Contents:

1x Improved Trigger Module

1x Improved Safety Module

1x 10-32 Machine Screw

1x 1/4-20 Set Screw

1x 1/4-20 Ball Set Screw

1x 10-32 Set Screw


General Features:

All parts are CNC machined by Impact Machine, LA from 6061 series Alluminum Bar Stock. All parts are Cerekote finished, in their respective colorsAll parts are QC'd for fitment and hardware prior to shippingCompatible with Standard and NATO AUG Stocks, Semi and Full Auto patterns, and may require fitting***Safety Features:

-The improved safety offers fully reversible configuration, meaning, the safety can be installed for either Right to Left, or Left to Right pushing of the safety from Safe to Fire positions

-Both ends of the safety are beveled, deburred, and textured to blend with the lines of the Stock and prevent excessive biting/rubbing against the firing hand

-The position detents on the safety have been deepened to provide an audible and tactile indication of position changeTrigger Features:

-Re-engineered geometry and structure to elimate trigger flexing


-Adjustable Ball bearing, used to glide the assembly, reducing friction and felt pull weight


-Dual locking points to ensure redundant engagement of the Linkage


-User configured Semi Auto Overtravel stop, used to eliminate overtravel of the Trigger when used with an OEM trigger pack. Can be removed easily without dissassebly of the trigger system.


-The design offers increased mechanical performance, tactile response during trigger break and reset, and a drastic leap in the Steyr AUG's trigger system. We are absolutely pleased with this design, and we're happy to finally offer it to the public.Disclaimer:

The ARID Trigger is not drop safe per Steyr standards for drop testing. The Steyr drop safe test is destructive in nature, where the AUG rifle is loaded with a blank, dropped from prescribed height, OFF SAFE, onto the nose of the rifle, and expected to not fire. The test usually results in the destruction of the stock, without discharging the weapon, therefore, we have not ventured to accomplish the testing for fear of destroying our own samples of the AUG.The ARID Trigger is however Drop Safe with the weapon ON SAFE, with a Steyr OEM trigger pack. Here's why: The trigger's increased mass reduces the inertial threshold needed to overcome the trigger packs drop safe features in the event of a butt strike. When ON SAFE, the trigger is physically prevented from travelling aft, and is therefore mechanically disconnected from the OEM pack, having no bearing on the sear if dropped on the butt of the rifle.ON SAFE, a Steyr AUG rifle with an ARID trigger will not perform differently from an OEM Trigger, combined with an OEM Trigger Pack. ARID LLC will not be held responsible for drop safe issues resulting from the use of MODIFIED TRIGGER PACKS, whether those modifications are made using OEM or aftermarket components. There are too many variables to install, calibration, and performance using a combined assembly of multiple modified parts to determine mechanical safety factors of drop safe performance. By purchasing this part, you assume responsibility for the proper installation, use and maintenance of your AUG trigger assembly, and will not hold ARID LLC responsible for performance and/or safety issues reasonably precipitated by negligence, irresponsible handling, on/off safe use, or user error during install, calibration, modifcation, and use with OEM or Modified Steyr AUG trigger packs.We recommend following established weapon safety rules, maintaining positive control of your weapon, and to keep the weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.We want AUG users that purchase these modules to have the best possible experience, and so we offer customer service, install services and armorer services/advice. Contact for questions and assistance.We do Offer Dealer/Bulk Pricing. If you're interested in purchasing ARID parts for LEO, OGA, and online/physical store use, contact us at***Not all generations of Steyr AUG stocks are made by the same OEM, and the process used to assemble them does not ensure that precise tolerance patterns are maintained during the molding/sonic welding process. This was done on purpose to ensure the AUG had AK type qualities for loose tolerances to allow draining of the stock body. The result of that process can cause some Trigger Slots to be wider or narrower across the generations of stock samples, causing the ARID trigger to fit loosely or tightly in that channel.The predictability of a tight fit is impossible for us to accurately predict, so our solution in house is to hand fit either the stock or the trigger by removing material from either to eliminate binding. We are not advocating for modifying one or the other, but want to be clear that you may encounter this issue, and there is a very simple, internal fix to the problem which we use regularly. If you do not want to modify the stock or the trigger, then the ARID trigger may not be for you. We use the trigger as a feeler guage to find the "high points" in the trigger channel, and then use a file, sand paper or putty knife to gently remove small, incremental amounts of stock or trigger material from these high points, testing fit until the trigger can freely drop in and properly track inside the stock. Removal of too much material from either the stock or trigger will simply result in an undersized type interface, where the trigger can then wiggle inside the stock.Please contact us at anytime if you have questions or need assistance.

Sales Tax Included
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