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Steyr AUG Improved Magazine Release (Standard Pattern)-PURCHASE ORDER

Steyr AUG Improved Magazine Release (Standard Pattern)-PURCHASE ORDER


This Product is being sold under a 'PURCHASE ORDER' process, where the customer commissions ARID to have this product made from scratch after payment. All orders are submitted at the beginning of each week to the Machine Shop, thereafter a 5-6 week lead time begins before fullfilment to the customer. There is no limit to the quantity of parts ordered per customer. 

The Purchase Order Window for this product will begin 1 February 2024 and end 29 February 2024.

More information on this process can be found here:, or by contacting us.


The Steyr AUG Improved Magazine Release is designed by ARID to improve upon the OEM Magazine release features. The release is a 2 Piece assembly, consisting of the Magazine Release Body, and a bolt on Magazine Release Shoe, allowing the end user to adapt the magazine release to their preferred configuration. The release is designed to increase the ergonomic engagement and reliability of reloading the Standard Pattern Steyr AUG Stocks.


1x Magazine Release Body (MRB)

1x Magazine Release Shoe - Wide

1x 4mm Slave Pin (Used to capture the magazine release main spring, and aid during install)
1x 10-32 x 0.5" Machine Screw

General Features:
- All parts are precision CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum, and coated with Cerakote.

- The Magazine Release Body (MRB) interior is designed to only accept the short leg of the release spring, to prevent incorrect re-assembly into the stock.

- The MRB adjusts the resting position of the magazine release spring by 30 degrees, pre-loading the torsion spring, thus increasing the holding force applied against the magazine. This ensures magazine retention and alignment during firing/hard use.

- The Magazine Release Shoes come in two sizes, Narrow and Wide, offering options to the end user for their preferred shoe size. The shoes are aligned to the MRB using a machined boss, and attached using the provided 10-32 x 0.5" machine screw. (The Wide Shoe comes standard with the release. Narrow shoes are sold separately)

- The MRB also serves as a hard mounting interface for future magazine well/caliber conversion kits, should they come available. In this application, the magwell conversion will insert into the stock, interlock with the MRB catch, and then bolt directly into the MRB to increase the adapters retention and mechanical rigidity.


ARID has designed this release to allow for standard Steyr AUG waffle magazines to drop free when activated, provided the end user has already addressed pre-existing issues with the Steyr AUG stock to ensure an OEM configured AUG also allows magazines to drop free when released.


For Information on issues related to magazines dropping free, visit our FAQ page.


 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to

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